Prayer For Those Addicted To Pornography

Heavenly Father, I have a couple of friends that have got into pornography and it grieves me as I can see the damage that it is doing not only to themselves but also to their families.

Lord, I just want to lift each one up to You and ask that in Your grace, You would meet each one at their point of need. Give me wisdom to know the best way to help each of my friends and keep me I pray, from falling into a similar destructive pattern of behaviour.

Lord, I pray that You would convict each of them of their need to repent of this behaviour and break free of this destructive and sinful addiction. I am sure that this horrible addiction to pornography is a destructive tool of Satan, who seeks to destroy and distort all that is lovely and pure, honourable and godly and encourage all that is evil and lustful.

Thank You, Lord, for I know that You are a God Who hears and answers prayer. Give me Your wisdom, so that I should know what to say if the need arises and also when to be quiet and leave the matter in Your hands. I ask that in Your grace, You would undertake in each of their lives to lift them out of this pornography and return them to the path of purity and grace. In Jesus' name I pray,