Prayer For The Spirit’s Fruit Of Patience

Thank You, Father, that for most of my life You have been teaching me the principle of waiting, and I pray that You would continue to do so. O Lord, so many times in my life, I have asked that in Your grace You would equip me with a gentle, God-like patience, that does not seek to hurry up the process of Your spiritual harvest,  but waits for the planted seed to germinate and to grow.

And yet, I continue to recognize within myself an impatience to see Your work completed. Thank You for the Biblical picture in the Word of God, where the farmer waits patiently and yet expectantly for the seed to sprout and swell, as the early and latter rains fall in their appointed season and as the sun shines its warming rays over the dormant crops.

Help me more and more to apply this patient expectation to my own life, where hope does not die and where forbearance does not deteriorate into despair.

Keep me I pray from giving up, but endow me my Father, with patient endurance and a passive yielding to Your prefect will, in every part of my life.

May I be content to say Thy will be done, and whether or not You choose to reveal the final answer to my persevering prayer, I pray that I may rest content, knowing that You do all things well. I ask this in the name of Jesus, and to His glory,