Prayer For The Difficulties Of Life My Son Is Facing

Dear God, I am so worried about my son. Things in his life have gone from bad to worse, not only at home but further afield, as the pressures of life seem to be bearing down, hard on him. Lord, he is losing the happy disposition he once had and has started to become moody and depressed. Lord, I ask that in Your grace, You would come into his life and meet him at his point of need and restore the joy he had as a younger man.

Lord, I ask You to help him through whatever is causing him these difficulties in life, and help me Lord, to be one that he is able to turn to and confide in, rather than shutting me out of his pain, when all I long to do is to help and encourage him through his problems.

Lord, I know that at one time he knew You, but he now seems so far away from God that I despair that maybe he has not come to a saving knowledge of You. Yet I know that even when we become faithless You remain faithful. Draw him back to Yourself I pray, and build him up until he becomes a mighty man of God. I pray this in Jesus' name and to Your glory,