Prayer For Sunday School Teachers

Dear Father in heaven, how I thank You for those that have been called by You to minister to the children and young people in our Sunday School classes.

I pray that each one would be filled with the Holy Spirit and have a deep desire and ability to guide the young people in their charge, into a thorough knowledge of the Word of God and the plan of Salvation. Give them the ability and understanding to guide the young people they teach along the Christian pathway, with doctrinally sound teaching.

I pray that each teacher will recognise the vital role they play in the spiritual development of those in their charge, and of the important role and responsibility they have, in laying a firm and sure spiritual foundation for their lives.

Equip each one I pray, with a desire to study Your Word for themselves, so that they too may grow in grace and increase in their knowledge and love of the Lord Jesus. And I pray that by their example, the children and young people that they teach will also develop a desire to have their own personal walk with the Lord Jesus.

And so Lord, I pray that you would use each one to encourage the children they teach of the importance of reading the Word of God, studying the Bible and learning the Scriptures for themselves, so that they too may mature in the faith and be enabled to stand firm in a world that seems to have forgotten the God Who created them. May these Sunday School classes be places where the Lord Jesus is lifted high. In Jesus' name,