Prayer For Sufficient Grace

Heavenly Father and gracious God, I ask that the power of Your presence would rest upon me and that You would pour forth Your sufficient grace over my life, so that I may abide in Christ Jesus day by day and bear much fruit to Your praise and glory.
Let me not look to my own fleshly strength and human abilities, but to the Lord Jesus alone, recognising that without Him I can do nothing, and yet knowing that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me with His resurrected life, through the power of the indwelling, Holy Spirit of God.
Thank You that by means of Jesus' death and resurrection, He won the victory over sin and death, and that as a child of God I am identified with that victory, which will provide me with the sufficient strength that I need to face every eventuality in life. 
Work in me I pray, so that I may accomplish all that You have purposed for me to do in Christ’s name, and thank You that You have promised to supply the sufficient grace I need to live a victorious life that is honouring to You. This I pray in Jesus' name,