Prayer For Vulnerable School Children

Lord, we bring before You all the children in our schools and especially those that are vulnerable, those who are being abused or bullied and those who are finding it difficult to settle in their classes, or perhaps are finding themselves isolated for whatever reason.

Lord, You know each child and You know the needs and vulnerabilities of each one, and You also know the answers to each of their problems. Look down with pity on today’s children who are having to grow up in an increasingly godless society, where every semblance of truth and godliness is being systematically attacked with a relative agenda that denies the absolutes of God.

Protect the hearts and minds of these vulnerable members of our society, and meet each one at their own particular point of need we pray. Bring good friends and compassionate staff into the lives of all children that are finding the requirements of today’s schools difficult to cope with or whose innocent spirit is being crushed.

And more than anything else, we pray that You would reveal Yourself to each and every vulnerable child. Teach them Your ways and bring each one into a personal knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Give each one a true understanding that they may know that they are loved by their Father in heaven and forgiven of any sin. May each one bud, blossom and flower as they come to know and accept You as their Saviour, and give them a deep sense of Your peace and love. In Jesus' name we pray,