Prayer for Struggling With Anger

Dear Lord, You know how I struggle with anger in my heart and how I still have hatred toward those that have hurt and abused me in so many ways. Lord, my anger is so deep within my soul that I sometimes feel my head is going to burst.

I know, Lord, that there is no way that I can control my own anger for I have tried and failed so many times. I can manage for a while and then I feel as if I am about to explode from within. I know I need to deal with the very root of my anger. Help me Lord.

Lord, I know that the only way to deal with my anger is to keep my heart and my thoughts focused on You, Who took the punishment for all my sin, all my anger, all my hatred.

I know that forgiveness, true genuine forgiveness toward those that have hurt me so badly is the way to deal with the root of the problem. Help me to say as You did on the cross, "Father forgive them," and to keep my heart looking to You.

I confess my anger Lord and ask for Your forgiveness. Create in me a clean heart, forgiving heart, I pray,