Bedtime Prayer For Protection

Father, as we come to the end of another very busy day, we praise and thank You for the gift of sleep and the wonderful way that the night-time hours seem to sweep away all our cares, and melt away all our worries, as we rest in You.
Thank You, that we may confidently cast all our cares and concerns upon You and lay all of our burdens down at Your feet, knowing that You love us with a perfect love and care for us with Fatherly concern.
Keep us safe this night from any perils and dangers, and lighten the darkness of these night with Your perfect peace, You gracious tranquillity and Your serene grace
Protect us we pray, through the hours of darkness, knowing that there are many danger and much wickedness that may stalk outside our home, but thank You that You are our shield and protection, our rock of salvation, our hope and strength.
Purify our minds, comfort our hearts, soothe our souls and give us all a good nights sleep we pray, for we are Yours, and You  have promised that You would give Your beloved children refreshing sleep and rejuvenating rest in the night-time hours.
May the angel of Your presence, who is the Lord Jesus Himself, encamp around us tonight and protect us under the shadow of His wings.
And so Father, into Your hands we commend our spirit, and pray that You would wake us up in the morning, refreshed and ready to  do Your will.  This we ask in Jesus' name,

“I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety.”