Prayer For Stressful Situations

Heavenly Father, I am surrounded by stressful situations and at times, it feels as if I am drowning in the problems and difficulties of life. At times, I just don't know what to do or who to turn to, and yet I know that my hope is in You and that You have promised to carry all my stresses and problems. You even encourage us to cast all our burdens on You and lay all of our stresses down at Your feet, so that You can carry them for us. Thank You, Lord, for Your never failing grace and faithful help in time of need. Help me to turn quickly to You, instead of trying to sort things out on my own.

Forgive me for the way that I keep allowing the stresses of daily life to build up before giving them over to You. Help me Lord, to take every problem and hand it straight to You, the moment that it rears its ugly head in my mind.
Help me to take every worry, every problem, every stress and every thought captive the moment that it begins to form in my mind, and hand it to You, for You have promised to carry our burdens and calm our troubled minds. This I ask in Jesus' name,