Prayer For Stress In School

Dear Lord Jesus, You know how worried I get about school and how often I feel so stressed-out about attending, that I feel quite sick and ill, and sometimes even get ulcers in my mouth. Lord, You know how often feel intimidated by the other students and worry that they wont like me, and I know that You also understand how difficult I find some of the lessons. Please help me Lord.
Help me to give my worries to You. Help me to trust You to bring the right friends into my life and help me not to feel intimidated by others, for You have shown me that their rudeness and unkindness is so often because of their their own insecurities and worries
Lord, I know that I am truly blessed to have been saved by grace through faith in Jesus, and I know that it is wrong for me to allow the pressures of school-life to be exhibited as stress reaction. So teach me I pray, how to cope with stress and use it to my advantage and to Your glory. This I ask in Jesus' name,