Prayer For Stress In Marriage

Heavenly Father, our marriage is becoming increasingly stressful and I hardly know where we went wrong, but it seems that we are both getting increasingly tense about so many little things that we are taking it out on each other, and Father, I fear that unless this pressure in our marriage is addressed, we will drift further and further apart.
Lord, I know that life is never easy and unless we cope rightly with life’s pressures, we become victims of stress which can so often lead to depression or even worse. Lord, please help us both us to address the mounting stress in our marriage in the right way, Show us what we need to do individually and as a couple to bring us through this stressful period, and help us both to depend on You to guide us along the right path into the way of peace and unity.
Forgive me for not seeking Your help sooner but Lord, if there are areas in life that we need to address in order to reduce the stresses in our marriage, please show men and give me the wisdom and grace to recognize Your gentle promptings in my life.
Bless our marriage I pray, and may we both learn to cope with the stresses and pressures in our marriage, as we seek to grow closer to each other and to You. This I ask in Jesus' name,