Prayer For Strength To Stop Gambling

Lord God, I repent of my sin and this evil habit of gambling that has become so aggressive in my life, and I humbly kneel to ask for Your grace and forgiveness and for Your help to break free from this gambling habit, once and for all.
I have wasted so much of my life and squandered much money, and have nothing but regret to show for these wasted years. But I come in repentance for my foolish sin and seek Your forgiveness, asking that in Your great grace and mercy, You would help me to break free from this evil habit which has all but destroyed my life and my relationships with friends and family alike.
Lord, You know the debts that I have incurred due to this evil compulsion, and I know that I alone am responsible for what has taken place in my life, but I do ask that You would help me to break free from gambling and to once more gain control of my life and live within my means. Help me Lord. Help me I pray, to leave this life behind and to live the life that I know You would want for me.
I trusted You as my Saviour some time ago and have wandered so far from You, but I believe that Your mercy is great and Your loving-kindness towards Your straying children does not change, so help me I pray. In Jesus' name,