Prayer For Safety From Evil Today

Dear Heavenly Father, You are my rock and my fortress, my hope and my shield. You are the One in Whom I rest and in Whom I trust, and I pray that throughout this coming day, You would encircle me in Your loving care and continue to protect me and all those I love, from the wiles of the enemy.

Protect us from the dangers of the day and the evils of the night. Thank You that You have promised to deliver us from “the snare of the fowler, and from any deadly pestilences”. Thank You that You are able to “cover us with Your feathers,” and lift us up on eagles wings. Thank You that You are our shield and our rampart.

Forgive me Lord, for those times when my faith wears thin and I try to sort things out in my own strength. Help me to place my complete trust in Your willingness and ability to save and protect us from all that would harm or destroy. Help me Father God, to learn to rest in You from this day forward, knowing that You are in control of my life and that the lives of those I love are safe in Your hands. In Jesus' name I pray,