Prayer For Purity Of Heart And Humility

Heavenly Father, the Lord Jesus Himself said that those who are pure in heart are truly blessed, but Lord I know that of myself I can never attain the standard of purity that You require. Lord, I know that only as I allow the Holy Spirit to live in me, work through me, teach and train me will I come to that purity of heart that only comes from You, as I am conformed into the image and likeness of the Lord Jesus.

Lord, for too long I have been smugly comparing myself advantageously with others around me, and believing that I was pure in Your eyes. But now that I have come to realise that the only standard to which You are comparing me is the Lord Jesus, I humbly kneel before You, at the foot of Your throne and ask your forgiveness for my self-indulgent pride and ego-centricity. May I look to Jesus and live as He lived in spirit and truth, seeking only to do Your will and to live a life that honours You.

Search my heart and purify my thoughts, and may Your indwelling Holy Spirit identify any pride and self-importance that is lurking within. as You conform me day by day into the likeness of the Lord Jesus. Help me to make the right choices in my life, the choices that honour You. In Jesus' name I pray,