Prayer For People Who Worry

Heavenly Father, I lift up those friends of mine and other church members that I know, who have not yet learned the beauty and peace that comes from casting all our cares upon You and simply resting in Christ, but who seem to spend much of their time and effort in worrying over the circumstances of life, rather than handing everything over to You in prayer.

Thank You, for showing me how dishonouring it is to You when we spend our time worrying, knowing that You have called us to cast all our cares upon You and to trust in Your unfailing love.

Thank You, for opening my understanding through Your Word, that worry not only robs us of our joy and peace in the Lord, but is rooted in the sin of unbelief.

Thank You, for providing me with a better understanding that You alone are the One that will replace foolish worries with divine wisdom. You alone provide the peace that passes understanding when our minds are stayed on You, rather than fretting on those things that You have promised to undertake on our behalf.

So open their understanding I pray, that all who are Your children will truly learn the joy and peace that comes when we give all our worry to You. In Jesus' name I pray,