Prayer For Our Government

Father, we thank and praise You for the many blessings You have bestowed on our nation, blessings that we don’t deserve but which You have showered on us in Your grace and mercy.
But Father, we know that our country seems to have lost its way and our government seems to be spiralling out of control, and we have no one to look to but You. We pray, that You would look down on our country with pity and great mercy, and we pray that our government would be convicted of their need to turn once again to You for wisdom to govern this once great nation in a way that is honouring to Your name.
We pray for each of our leaders and lift them up to You, praying that they would look to You both individually and collectively, so that our nation may be governed according to Your plans and purposes. But if as a nation we are to face Your displeasure because we have turned from Your statues and disobeyed Your laws, we pray that You would be merciful, and we ask that in Your grace many of our leaders would to cry to You for salvation and help. This we ask for the sake of our Saviour, Jesus Christ our Lord,