Prayer For My Persecuted Brothers In Christ

Heavenly Father, thank You for all my brothers and sisters in Christ around the world. Thank You that You have given us all a new life in Christ and have made us members of His Body, the church. It is wonderful to realise that I have members of my heavenly family in every corner of the world, and that one day we will all meet together, in heaven at the feet of Jesus. Praise Your name! 

Lord, I also know that many, many Christians around the world are suffering severe persecution. Gross and wicked things are taking place to many who trust in Jesus as Saviour. I know that it must break Your heart as it does mine when we hear of the terrible atrocities that are taking place in so many different countries.

Father, I pray that in Your mercy, You will protect them from the evils of this world and be with them throughout all the terrible ordeals that so many are facing. Guard and guide them and keep them from harm. Protect the children of our Christian brothers and sisters, that are so very vulnerable.

And Lord, for those that face death for the name of Christ, give them I pray, the grace to know that You are with them every step of the way. May they all receive Your crown of life that is promised to all who give up their lives for the sake of Christ.

In Revelation the martyrs under the alter pray, “how long?” and Lord, we join with them to say, “ Come Lord Jesus, come quickly.” In Jesus' name,