Prayer for My Forthcoming Job Interview

Dear God I thank You that I have been given this job interview and I am feeling quite nervous as I really need this job, so that I can support my family. I pray that You will calm my nerves and give me Your peace in my heart and help me to ready myself for the questions they will be asking me.

But God I depend on You. You have always been there for me in the past and I believe that You will continue to be with me as I face this upcoming challenge. Thank You that I can trust on You and I pray that You will help me to get ready for this interview, knowing that You have promised to be at my side, every moment of the day.

I ask that You help me to relax in the interview and answer the questions with wisdom and honesty and I pray that I may be favourable in their eyes.

Thank You that You are my Lord and that I am Your child. How blest I am to know that You are in all the events of my life and that You scheduled each day of my life – including this interview.. I will trust in You and not be afraid.