Prayer About A Husband Who Is Into Pornography

Oh Lord God, my heart is deeply grieved and I can scarcely bear to bring the pain that I am carrying to You in prayer, but Lord my husband has been secretly involved in sexual fantasies and pornography and my heart is breaking. Lord, I don’t know which way to turn, but I come to You seeking Your strength and courage.

Lord, there is part of me that wants to walk away from my marriage and never see my husband again, and yet I also know that what he needs is my support and help – but Lord, I am not sure that I have the strength or the courage to be the support that he needs. But I know, Father, that with Your help and Your grace, I can be the supportive wife needed to help him through this distressing period of our lives. 

Lord, I place my husband and this terrible addiction he has into Your loving hands. Give me wisdom to seek the help that he needs and I pray that with Your help, he may be able to break this evil habit that has been tearing our lives apart. Restore Lord the years that the locusts have eaten, and may we come through this experience a stronger couple and be enabled to put this sad episode behind us, I pray.