Prayer For My Enemies At Work

Lord, You know the great difficulties that I am facing at work and how my Christian faith and trust in Jesus has caused me to be unfairly discriminated against and abused.. and I seem to have amassed so many that are against me and everything that I hold dear..  and so I ask for Your protection, wisdom, grace in this very difficult work situation.

Change the hearts of those colleagues at work who see me as their enemy, and take away the blindness and resistance that they seem to have to the truth of the glorious gospel of grace. Bring each one into a saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and help me to do good towards them despite their unkind words and actions.

I pray that Your peace would guard my heart and reign at work and that You would give me wisdom, especially in those difficult times when things really start to get unpleasant. And through it all I pray that You would be glorified and that Your perfect peace and joy would be my strength – this I ask in Jesus name.