Prayer For My Alcoholic Boyfriend

Dear Lord, my boyfriend is an alcoholic and I am so concerned for him. I love him and have tried everything I can think of to get him to turn away from drink, but he takes no notice and I know that things are getting worse. He seems to be getting more and more depressed and I fear for his health and his own safety and even my own safety too.

Lord I have seen the devastation that alcohol can do in families and in relationships, and I want to help him through this - but in my heart I know that there is nothing more that I can do, unless he is prepared to face his alcoholic addiction himself.

Lord show me what to do and I pray that You Who knows the hearts of all men would convict him of his sin and need of Jesus. Lord I love him and don’t want this to drive us apart. Give me the wisdom to know what to do and the grace to do what is best for us all. This I ask in Jesus name,