Prayer For Humility Of Heart

Heavenly Father, I confess that my natural tendency is towards pride in its many guises and disguises. I have always wanted to show that I am self-assured and self-confident in front of other people, and yet I now begin to realise that I am in fact displaying pride in the form of selfishness and self-indulgence. Forgive me Lord, for I now realise that I have been relying on myself for all I need instead of trusting my life into Your hands.

Lord, I see now that I have been feeding my old sin nature, instead of allowing my new life in Christ to grow and flourish.

Lord, I live in this mortal body and have a fallible mind, but I desire in Your strength, to be clothed in humility and grace. I now see that the strength to do this only comes from You, and not as I thought, from me trying to act humbly in front of other people. Change me Lord and teach me to submit to Your working in my life.

Help me I pray, to clothe myself in humility and truth, by allowing the Holy Spirit to work in me so deeply, that people will start to see Jesus in my life, and not the old prideful person I used to be. I ask this in Jesus' name,