Prayer For Holiday Stress

Heavenly Father, there are times when I almost wish that there was no holiday period, because I find that as the holiday approaches, the more I am overtaken by stress and panic. In my heart I prefer to keep things as they are, and yet I know that holidays are an important time of refreshment.
Lord, I believe that You actually designed holidays into man’s schedule, so that they would have times of fun, feasting and family relaxation, and a time of good fellowship, when friends and families get together and enjoy each others company, in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.
Lord, I ask that You would remove far away from me this inherent stress that seems to rear its unfortunate head every time a holiday approaches, and replace it I pray, with a perfect peace of heart within, that only You can give.  
I ask Lord, that You would help me to recognise when the feelings of stress and panic start to emerge within, and help me to hand every stressful thought and each pang of panic over to You, and enable me to rest in Your love and to relax in Your grace. This I ask in Jesus' name,