Prayer For Holiday Season

Loving Lord, thank You so much for holiday times and the wonder and excitement that they engender in all our hearts, and I just want to praise You for all the goodness and grace You generously pour out on us and all people. Especially, I thank You for the many blessings we gain from these important times of holiday fun and family reunion.
I remember the many feast days and times of rejoicing that You planned for Your people Israel and I bless You that we too have holiday days and holiday seasons, when our inner soul can be refreshed and rejuvenated in a relaxed atmosphere, when we are surrounded by precious friends and family members, and which provides us with such special opportunities of close fellowship and communal fun.
At this holiday season I particularly remember those that are alone, or ill, or going through times of stress or difficulty, and pray that You would draw very close to each and every one. Let them know Your special peace in their heart and give to each one Your sufficient grace.
Thank You, that You are a God that answers prayer. In Jesus' name,