Praise To God For Another Wedding Anniversary

Loving Father, we bless and thank You from the depth of our hearts, for Your continuing blessing on our marriage union. Today we come to thank You for bringing us to yet another wedding anniversary, and for all that You have been to both of us during our marriage together. Thank You, Father, for the gift of love that has been given to us both, and the deepening love that has blossomed over our years together. Thank You for holding us steady during the difficult times, and for always being with us through the inevitable trials that we have had to face. And thank You for drawing us closer to each other and to You, when circumstances seemed designed to divide us.

Continue to bless our lives together, our home and our family, and watch over us day and night we pray. Help us to maintain the vows of love and constancy that we made before You, and enable our marriage to grow ever stronger with each passing year. We bless and thank You for Your many blessings to us, and pray that we would remain united in love and faith. In Jesus' name we pray,