Prayer For Help With My Anger And Resentment

Heavenly Father, I ask You to examine my heart, for there is a well of anger and resentment deep within my soul and I keep drawing on that bitter water, rather than drinking daily of the waters of life that flow into a heart that is looking to Jesus.

Examine my heart Lord, and root out all the bitterness and resentment that is so deeply rooted within me. Search the inner depth of my soul and expose all my suppressed hurt and resentment, for it is only in You that I can be set free of the pain deep within.

Thank You, Father, that You forgave all my sins at the cross of Calvary and I believe that You paid the full price all my sins, including all the anger in my heart – anger that still surfaces too frequently from time to time. I pray that in Your grace, You will free me from all traces of anger and create in me a heart of love and forgiveness, so that I may grow more and become more like Jesus,