Comfort us Amidst A World Of Strife

Dear Lord God, what a great comfort it is to know that You are sovereign – that You are in charge of all that is going on in a world - that seems to be getting increasingly evil and cruel.

Thank You that You know the end from the beginning and that nothing that is taking place in our lives that has to take You by surprise What a comfort to know that You will take each problem and use to carry forward Your eternal plans and purposes. Thank You that You sent the Holy Spirit to be our Comforter and Guide through all the difficult and trying times of our lives.

I ask Father, that You send comfort and help those that are struggling in this world of strife. Calm those that are fearful, protect those that are weak, provide for those that are in need, heal those that are sick and bring all that do not know You into knowledge of Jesus Christ our Lord – our great Mediator and Comforter, in Whose name I pray.