Prayer For Grace To Listen To Other People

Dear Lord Jesus I want to walk in spirit and truth – to walk humbly before You and to learn to be patient.. graciously patient, especially when I am with other people. Lord I want to live a life that is honouring to You and to fulfil the role that You have given me to do within the body of Christ.

Help me to be quick to listen to other people and not always be the one that wants other people to always listen to me.. Help me to really listen in love - not only their needs and hopes and fears but to listen to their advice and their opinions so that I may be an encouragement to them – someone who lifts up the other person and considers their needs before my own.

Help me to really listen to what they say and not to be waiting for an opportunity for me to discuss my opinions or display my own intelligence - but enable me Lord to live a righteous life – the sort of life that You desire from each of Your children.

Give me the grace and patience to be a good listener I pray,– so that I may demonstrate the love of Jesus to all around me, in Whose name I pray,