Prayer For A Premature Baby

Heavenly Father, it is so hard to have a premature baby and have to see the tubes and drips attached to such a tidy defenceless from. Lord it is so painful to see such a tiny new-born baby and have to battle for life in the world.. instead of continuing their development secretly in their mother’s womb.
Father I ask for this child’s life and pray that You would give the doctors and nursing staff the skill and knowledge to know just what to do.. on order  that this little life may grow and thrive and be returned in good heath to their mother’s arms.
Father You are good and You are the Giver of health and wholeness and we plead the life of this little tiny human being. In Your grace we pray that this little premature baby will pull through and be given the strength to fight the obstacles that they face in these early days of this little life.

Comfort the parents we pray and give them the strength to hold fast to You. Give them Your peace in their hearts and may this difficult time of worry and pain be turned into days of rejoicing and praise – this we ask in Jesus name,