Prayer For All Who Reject The Truth Of God’s Word

Heavenly Father, I lift up all those who have rejected the truth of Your Word and are seeking after the humanistic ways of the world. Lord, I know that Satan is the father of lies and his great desire is to lead many away from the path of truth in Christ Jesus. I ask Lord, that You would thwart his malicious plans, and use the satanic agenda and the humanistic lies that are hurting so many people, to be the very instrument that will cause many to question the values that they have held dear, and to turn them from their worldly ways and seek the Lord Jesus while He may be found, for He is the One and Only Truth and He is the Way and the Life and the Light, and He is the only Hope for mankind. 

Raise up I pray, an army of prayer warriors that will be prepared to seek Your face and to stand in the gap for those that have been swept into the lies of the humanistic agenda. May the truth of Your Word become a beacon of light to those that are in need of a Saviour, and I pray that the lies of the enemy will be exposed so that many that are heading for an eternity of separation from the Father, may be swept into the kingdom of His dear Son, to Your praise and glory.

Your Word is truth. May the truth of Your Word ring in the ears of all who are perishing and bring many perishing people to salvation. In Jesus' name I pray,