Prayer For Godly Obedience

Thank You, God, that You are my Saviour. Thank You, Father, for Your Word of Truth and thank You, Lord, that You desire to transform all Your children into the image and likeness of the Lord Jesus, as we depend on You for all things. Father, I want to live a godly life and live in humility of heart and in obedience to Your Word.

Lord, the eyes of my heart are on You and my confidence is in Your Word. Inspire, convict, teach and correct me I pray, through the Scriptures, and may I develop a teachable and correctable spirit, in submission to the leading and guidance of Your Holy Spirit.

Help me to look into the mirror of Your Word and let its truth search out areas in me that need to be rooted out. May I grow in humble obedience to Your ways and help me to reflect the love of the Lord Jesus in my walk and word. I ask this in Jesus' name,