Prayer For Focus And Calmness

Loving Lord, I thank You for my life and give You grateful praise for Your great goodness and abundant mercy, which is new every morning. Thank You, that You are a gracious and faithful Father, even during those times when I stray far from You or when I allow the anxieties of life to steal away my peace and rob me of my joy in the Lord.
I pray that Your perfect peace would guard my heart and that You would provide me with a quiet focus and calm tranquillity within my soul. Guard my mind and guide my thoughts I pray, and prevent me from worrying about what may or may not happen, instead of keeping the eyes of my heart focussed upon Jesus and my ears ever open to His leading and guidance.
Give me strength to face all the eventualities of life in the sure knowledge, that Your grace is sufficient for all my needs. Help me to keep my eyes looking to Jesus in a calm and quiet confidence, knowing that He is the author and finisher of my faith. This I ask in His precious name,