Prayer To Be Kept From Fear And Confusion

Oh Lord God, there are times that I become so fearful. There is so much sadness and hardship that seems to be flooding the world today. The news on the TV and internet seems to contradict what is actually happening in our lives, and at times I feel too afraid to even switch on the news. Lord, there is so much poverty and hardship, so much disease and distress that seems to be plaguing the lives of so many people. We hear of earthquakes and volcanoes, wars and killings, storms and floods, fires and famine, and debt spiralling out of control. At times it seems that the world has all gone mad.

But Lord, I know that my trust should be in You, every moment of the day, for You are ultimately in control and there is nothing that happens in the world today that You do not permit. I admit Lord, that I do not understand all that is happening, but I want to trust You, and pray that when fear starts to rise up in my throat, that You will quiet my heart and enable me to relax into You.

Help me Lord, to turn my mind from the distresses of the news and prevent fear from flooding my heart, I pray. Help me Lord, to keep the eyes of my heart focussed on the truth of Your Word, for I know that it is only in You that our souls will rest in safety and peace.

Thank You Lord,