Prayer For Daughter Going To College

Heavenly Father, how the time has flown past and the little girl that has given us so much joy and pain over the years, has grown into a lovely young woman and is now preparing to go to college. Father, I place her into Your hands and ask Your grace and guidance and protection over her heart and mind, as she takes this next big step in her journey through life.
Father, I pray that You would oversee her digs and her room-mates, her tutors, the other students that are in her classes and those with whom she develops friendships. I pray that You would direct her steps and may she make wise choices in each area of her new life while she is away from home and away from our care and advice.
Lord, we pray that she will embrace her academic studies wisely and use this as a wonderful opportunity to advance her education and not to waste time on too many social aspects, which although important in all of our lives, can sometimes have a negative influence on our choices and responsibilities, unless guarded.
I pray You would bring lovey Christian friends into her life and that she would increasingly rely on You in the inevitable stresses and strains that come from the confinements of communal living. And I specially pray that You would guard her mind from being influenced by the mind-set of the world and keep Jesus as the central focus of her day. This I ask in Jesus' name,