Prayer For Christ To Build His Church

Loving Father, I pray that You would use the spiritual gifts and spiritual graces that You have bestowed on me for the furtherance of the gospel of grace, so that I may become one with my brothers and sisters in Christ as together, we draw closer to You.

Lord, I know that Your Word tells us that it is Your desire that all Your children are united in the spirit of love and the bond of peace, through Your Word, so that as believers we may be united in body and spirit, a body of believers where Christ is exulted, to the glory of His name and for the furtherance of the gospel.

Lord, I know that there is nothing that man can do to achieve this task and that when we try to build Your church in our own fleshly strength or based on our own worldly wisdom, it is doomed to fail, for the Lord Jesus alone is the head of the Body and He it is Who has promised, through His Spirit, to build His Church and to provide the increase.

Use all those that You have called to be pastor teachers and evangelists, to faithfully furnish and equip all God's people for the work and service for which each one is called and for the furtherance of the Gospel of Christ.

May each of Your servants be fully furnished and spiritually equipped to carry out to completion the work and service that You have given us to do. Strengthen and build up every member of Christ' body, so that we may be united in spirit and truth. In Jesus' name,