Prayer For Brotherly Unity

How we praise and thank You for the diversity of gifts and graces within the body of Christ and the beautiful variety and variance of the characters, personalities, peoples, interests and activities that are represented throughout the whole Church of God.

May brotherly love and godly gentleness be the precious garment with which we are all clothed, and may we be of one mind and united in spirit and humble in heart, having the same love, and working together with one intent, united in purpose.

May we focus our thoughts on what we all hold dear, and may we be united in the essential doctrine of Christ and yet demonstrate grace and liberty on those ideologies and dogmas that too often have caused splits in the Body, rather than encouraging brotherly love and gracious liberty.

May we put aside our personal agendas and any exclusive churchmanship maxims that may give rise to ungodly, unnecessary or schismatic arguments. And may our Lord Jesus Christ, Who shed His blood on the cross and rose again to give us life, be the one to Whom we all focus our gaze and in Whose name we pray,