Prayer For An Alcoholic Mother

Dear heavenly Father, how I thank You for my parents and especially my mother, whom I love so much, and yet Lord You know how she has become entrapped in alcoholism.. and has got to the point where she cannot even face the day without a drink in her hand 

Lord, it is so sad to see my mother in this sorry state - for it is not only tearing her apart but the whole family is being affected by her drinking habit, and so I do pray that You will step into her life and help her to break free from this terrible addiction.

Give me the wisdom and understanding to know how to help her through this terrible time in her life.. and I pray that she would return to normality and be able to break free from her binge drinking.

Father, I know that nothing is impossible with You and I commit my mother and her future into Your hands and ask that in Your goodness and grace You would reach down and meet her at her point of need. Help her I pray, to break free forever and to draw close to Christ – Who does not want us to be enslaved by alcohol or drunk with wine but to be filled to overflowing with the Spirit of God. This I ask in Jesus name,