Prayer For An Alcoholic Family Members

Dear Lord, it is so hard when someone we love gets caught up in an addiction to alcohol.. and when it is a member of your own family it makes it even more hurtful to accept and more difficult to cope with 

Lord, You know exactly who I am talking about, and we know that this has been going on for some time now, but it has got to the point where all of us are feeling the pain and hurt that they are going through.

Oh Lord, alcoholism is such a disabling condition as it affects every area of life and is like a virus that spreads out of control, infecting everything that it touches – but we know that there is nothing that cannot be helped and healed by You.. and that nothing is impossible for You.

And so we lift them up to You in prayer and ask that You would convict them of their need to break free from alcohol and the grace to conquer this disabling habit  - and so we leave this important matter in Your hands and watch for You to act swiftly - and we will give You all the praise and glory in Jesus name,