Prayer For All Addicted To Gambling

Loving Lord, I bring before You those that are addicted to gambling. I pray that in Your grace, You would help each one to break this destructive habit and rebuild their lives with You at the centre. Lord, I know that gambling is a shocking addiction that breaks up friendships and families and causes lives to be destroyed and relationships to be severed.

Father, I ask that in Your grace You would look in pity that those that are caught up in the gambling habit, and draw them into saving faith in the Lord Jesus, so that their lives may be rebuilt and renewed in Him.

All forms of addiction are from the evil one whose purpose is to kill and destroy, and the enemy is certainly using gambling to try to destroy lives. But I pray that in Your grace, You would take each life that has been damaged and broken through gambling, and draw each one back to Yourself and into a true and saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Loving Lord, be with all those that are addicted today and rescue them quickly from the evils of gambling. In Jesus' name I pray,