Prayer For A Spirit Of Cooperation And Unity

Father, we live in a world that is at enmity with all that is godly and there is much antagonism against the Lord Jesus Christ, and against all that are called Christian and seek to live godly in Him.

Give us a spirit of love, cooperation, togetherness and unity, and help us to consider the needs of the whole body of Christ, knowing that we are aliens in this present world and fellow citizens together, with all the saints of God’s household.

Build us up together in a spirit of co-operation and grace we pray, knowing that we are being skilfully fitted together into a holy temple in the Lord. Established as one on the firm foundation of the apostles and prophets, with the Lord Jesus Himself as the chief cornerstone.

Help us to faithfully serve one another in love and to strengthen, encourage and edify each other, so that we may move forward in our service for You, in a spirit of co-operation and unity in all that You have called us to do. In Jesus' name we pray,