Prayer For A Rebellious Daughter

Dear Heavenly Father, it is with great sadness that I have witnessed the increasing rebelliousness of youth in my own precious daughter and the aching pain in my heart is so intense that at times, I feel numb with helplessness and sadness.
Lord, You know only too well how easily and insidiously the world and the flesh influences young people and captures the hearts and minds of today’s youth, and my anguish is only surpassed my by inability to help the daughter that You gave us, whom I love so dearly, but who has for too long been sliding into defiant disobedience.
Forgive me that I did not recognise and address this issue much sooner and forgive me Lord, that I did not train up my daughter in the best possible way, and I ask that even now, You would help her to develop a Biblical mind-set and a mature, godly character. Nevertheless, I know that You are a God who cares for each of Your children and I lay the life of my daughter before You now, and ask You to help me to correct my own lack in parenting and to help us mend our fractured relationship. Heal our hurting hearts I pray, and draw us together in the bond of peace and love.
Father, I pray that whatever it takes You would change me into the parent that You would want me to be, so that in Your strength I may be enabled to restore our relationship. And Lord, I also pray that whatever it takes You would address my daughters rebellion against authority and her disinterest in spiritual matters. Into Your hands I commit my own life and the future of my daughter, and trust You to do a good work in us both, to Your praise and glory. This I ask in Jesus' name,