Prayer For A Fruitful Life in Christ

Dear Lord, it is my desire to be fruitful in my life – and Lord I know that fruitfulness means that I need to abide in You, just as You have commanded all those that are Your children.. so that the Father may be glorified in my life. Teach me Lord to abide in You and to find my true rest in You for I know that Your banner over me is love – a love that gave its fullest expression on the cross at Calvary.

I ask that I may be a vessel through whom You would be pleased to work so that I may bear much good fruit of the Spirit - and not to produce dead works of the flesh in my own strength. Lord I do not want to be a barren branch that lives for my self but one that grows in grace, matures in the faith and comes to an ever deepening knowledge of You day by day… knowing that it is only as I rest and abide and remain in You that You are enabled to carry out Your good work within me.

Lord I know that without You I can do nothing and even the good works I try to do in my own strength are as filthy rags to You. Search my heart Lord and point out those things that are not pleasing to You– for I desire to be a clean vessel in Your service.. Help me therefore to confess all the things in my life that may be blocking sweet fellowship with You in Jesus name I pray