Prayer For A Fruitful Christian Life

Thank You, Father, that I have been born again and made a new creation in Christ. Thank You, that I am part of Your family, accepted in Christ, indwelt by the Holy Spirit and that You have started a good work in my life.
Thank You, that You have promised to finish that good work that You have started in me and I pray that I will be open to hear Your voice and ready to submit to Your will, more and more with each passing day.
Lord, I know that in myself I can do nothing and that only as I abide in Christ and depend on Him can the Holy Spirit make my life fruitful. I pray that I may abide in You daily and bear much fruit so that through it Your name may be glorified in me.
Let me decrease in my own eyes and in the eyes of others, and may the Lord Jesus increase in all I say and do, until I am nothing and He is everything. This I ask in Jesus' name,