Prayer For A Daughter At School

Heavenly Father, I lift up my daughter to You as she goes to school today, and pray that You would stay close to her throughout the day. I pray for Your protection over her, spirit, soul and body and that You not only keep her sheltered from all those that might be uncaring, thoughtless or careless towards her, but that You would bring into her life.. good friends that will stand by her and teachers that encourage and nurture her - and who remain  fair in their discipline and training.

Keep her we pray from getting involved with the wrong people who might lead her astray and help us to identify any unusual attitudes or behaviours that might have resulted from her getting friendly with the wrong crowd..  and so we pray  that in Your strength, we may be able to address any problems at school, well before they develop into a real problem areas.

May she develop her time-keeping and discipline skills and be ready and willing to learn the meaning of responsibility, accountability and self-control. And I pray that her walk with Jesus might blossom and grow stronger with every passing day.

And I also pray that from her waking moments to the time when she closes her eyes in sleep.. that You would lead her along the right path and guide her into all truth.. so that her trust and relationship with Jesus may blossom and grow.. into a spiritual maturity that seeks to keep Jesus as the center of her life, in Whose name I Pray,