Prayer For A Child That Is Dying

Loving Lord Jesus, our most gracious Saviour and friend, our hearts are breaking as we watch this precious little one in such pain and slipping away from us so quickly. Oh Lord, we commend this little life, which has been such a joy and a blessing to us all, into Your strong and loving hands.

Lord, what joy and laughter and fun we had together and Lord, what courage has been shown to we who are adults, knowing that their life hung in the balance, between life and death.

Lord, we know that you are a God who can turn death into life, yet we also know that this precious one, whom we love so dearly is facing the gate of death. Should this be the time that you take them home to be with Yourself, please God, grant comfort and strength to us all and especially the parents, who are feeling such deep grief.

Thank You, that this little life has come to know the Lord Jesus as their Saviour, and I pray that You will stay very very close as the time approaches for the parting of the way, at least for the time being, until we all meet once again in the heavenly mansions that You have prepared for us all.

Loving Lord Jesus, I commend this little one into Your loving arms. Carry Your little lamb home gently, I pray,