Prayer As I Stand In The Kitchen

Bless my little kitchen, Lord and may it be a place where I work with grateful thanks for all the blessings You bring into it. May this little kitchen be a haven of peace and comfort - love and joy to all who pop in for a little chat or who are in need of a world of encouragement. Keep me from foolish frettings but rather may it become a place where all who enter through its door portal find a warm welcome and may our conversation be seasoned with salt full of grace and truth.

Thank You for the supply of food that You lovingly provide for our daily sustenance and may we gain our spiritual nourishment from Your Word. As I prepare the food may I meditate on the beauty of Your person and the many precious promises that You have poured into our lives- pressed down and running over…

As I stand at my little sink Lord, I thank You that You are as the pure living water of life – as I bake my bread and cakes I bless You that You are the living Bread that was send down from heaven to nourish our hearts and to sustain our lives.

Bless my little kitchen Lord and may all I say and do within these walls be done as unto You, in Jesus name I pray,