Prayer About Wealth And Poverty

Father, I know that we are not promised wealth in Your Word – indeed Lord as I read Scripture it appears that the Bible warns against seeking after wealth and the accumulation of wealth, and abhors all forms of dishonest practices – and yet in this world it seems that we are encouraged to seek after wealth and too often we hear preachers telling us that wealth is a sign of God’s favour, while poverty is a sign of His displeasure.

Keep me Lord from poverty and help me Lord to be content with what You have given me and thankful in all situations in which I find myself. Keep me from becoming embroiled in the pursuit of wealth – for I know that I could all to easily be enticed into seeking after wealth at the expense of my spiritual growth.

Father I want to follow Your call to lay up treasure in heaven and not get swept into the world’s thinking for I truly believe that unless one is very careful and wise, wealth can become a thorn in the flesh and begin to be a master instead of a servant.

Keep me Lord with my eyes heavenward, knowing that my future lies in the reward in heaven and not the wealth of this world system. Provide I pray all I need and may I develop an attitude of gratitude for ALL that You have so graciously provided for me as I sojourn in this world – and I wait for that day when You will call me home to be with You for ever, Thank you in Jesus name I pray,