Prayer For Help To Supply Those In Need Today

Dear Lord, there are so many around the world today who are in great need, many who do not have the money to pay for the basic necessities of life and times are getting increasingly harder. Lord, there are many who are without food, and many without work or the opportunity to earn enough to supply for the needs of their families, and there are others who are ill or unable to work and are suffering severe lack.

Lord, I come to You and ask for Your pity and providence to be poured out on all who are suffering such hardships today. You have promised to supply the needs of Your children and I ask that in Your mercy and loving-kindness, You would meet the needs of all those that suffer lack today.

Thank You, that You always have mercy on us. I ask You to fulfil now Lord, the desires and petitions of all Your people who are in such need, according to Your mercy, and give them the grace to persevere under such difficult circumstances. In Jesus' name,