Nurses Prayer - For Nursing Colleagues

Father God, I thank You that You have brought me into this great profession of nursing and I pray that You would be with me today and with all my nursing colleagues. Give each one of us the strength and gentleness we need to deal with the many and varied duties we will be called upon to face today.

Lord, I ask that You would give me and each of my nursing colleagues the patience, wisdom and the grace to deal with the people with whom we will come in contact today and an understanding of how to deal with the varied ailments and illness that they are facing. Give each of us a gentle attitude and the ability to allay unfounded fears, calm troubled hearts and support those that are weary and afraid.

Help us all to demonstrate a genuine care for our patients and may our actions and attitudes give the reassurance and comfort that so many seek. Help us to understand the fears that so often flood the minds of the patient who come under our particular charge, and I pray that You would give me an opportunity to share forth Your love, both by my words and in my actions. In Jesus' name I pray,