My Graduation Prayer To God

Dear God, how wonderful it is to have reached this graduation ceremony and I thank You that You have been with me throughout my education. Lord, may it be a time of great fellowship and fun for all of us, (students and teachers as well as friends and family), and thank You for all the good friends I have made and for all that I have learned as I have worked my way through this time of schooling.

Thank You for the skills that I have acquired and the teachers that have taught me so tirelessly. Thanks for all my friends and family that have been so supportive and for the for many lessons that I have learned.

Lord, it is an exciting and yet a daunting thing to realise that a whole chapter of my life is just about to close and a new phase of life is beginning. Be with me Lord I pray, as I step out into the unknown, and ask that You would lead and guide me through all the ups and downs of life that are likely to accompany me along this untried journey.

Lord, keep me close to You. I have been warned how easy it is to get sucked into the world’s way of thinking and behaving and I don’t want to find myself drifting into the ways of the world. Thank You for my parents and for the amazing support they have been throughout my life. And so Lord, here I am about to graduate, but I pray that You will continue to be my guard and guide, my teacher and instructor along life’s way, to Your praise and glory. In Jesus' name I pray,